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Happy Birthday!~! ^___________^ [Fri, September 14th, 07 @ 2:18am]
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Lack of updates? [Thu, September 13th, 07 @ 12:00am]
[ mood | geeky ]

Actually, I'm very active in online diaries, just not here.

So if you want to know what's happened to me, just pop over to my blogger account and you will know more about me.


I set the date to my next 23rd birthday, so you will always see this post first, and you will constantly be reminded of my birthday lol.
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[Sun, August 19th, 07 @ 6:28pm]
I have been busy and more busy.

Yeah, what's new, I'm always busy. But this time, it's really the peak hour for me. I am not sleeping enough. My dark rings are so pronounced that a classmate walked up to me one day and blatantly pointed them out. I have been eating chocolates to feel better, but that made me put on 2 kg. o.O

Do I sound like my life is going on a downhill?

Anyways, I'm still going on fine. Perhaps a bit teetering at the edge sometimes due to sheer stress and exhaustion. But I'm okays. I play Audition to regain a bit of my sanity when I can. I just managed to sleep half of Saturday away and I feel so much better now.

I guess, everyone needs some rest now and then to keep on going.

I forgot to mention, I have since graduated and am currently slogging away for my pharmacist license in a hospital.

Just a random update: I walked by this restaurant with Derek yesterday that was serving italian food. And it looked really posh and expensive. The food looked authentic and delicious. Naturally, being a very high-maintenance me in terms of food, and being a pasta-lover, I decided to pop in for a meal. It was mid-Sat afternoon and I was sitting in some dimly-lit high-end restaurant eating a really costly lunch! Did I mention all the waiters had oiled-up heads? I thought I was really throwing money away.

But it was all worth it. The pasta was REALLY good. It made PastaMania, Spaggedies and Pasta Fresca pale in comparison. So I'm really glad I walked in for a meal, though it could have been better reserved for occasions like Valentine's Day or our 6th year anniversary. =P

Adios to my next update. ^________^
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Friends' words [Fri, June 15th, 07 @ 5:27am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

I heard the following words from a friend twice recently: "I miss you all". This particular friend has always been a bit distant and I've always felt difficulty in establishing some sort of connection such as the way I do with other friends. Considering how we have hung out together for years and the friendship still feels shallow, I was surprised, yet moved, to hear those words from this friend. Maybe sometimes, it takes a long time to melt someone so that it becomes easier to get closer to. Maybe it is due to the vulnerable period where changes are everywhere and nothing is what was once familiar, and that's when friends are most missed?

Today I heard something from another friend that sounded exceptionally good to my ears. She said she is actually starting to like bubble tea! I don't remember having a friend who doesn't tsk tsk or who doesn't give off the air of disapproval whenever I buy bubble tea before him/her. It feels like the drink is something I like to get to make myself a happier person but to other people, it may seem like some sort of rationale that's beyond their comprehension. Therefore, imagine my delight when someone actually expresses delight in the drink whose fame has spread even to the USA. Finally, someone shares my appreciation for bubble tea.

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Do you play Audition? [Fri, May 18th, 07 @ 4:10am]
I wonder who on LJ plays the game. I have been doing it for some months now, although I remain at a modest level of 10. :P It's a free online game that requires players to input certain combinations of up-down-left-right keys within a certain time frame so that their characters will dance. We can play dressing up as well by either spending real cash to buy clothes for our characters, or use the game currency earned by playing the game. It is really fun and can get addictive. Trust me, I find myself going back to play the game whenever I'm free. ^_^

Recently I heard North America actually released the game! You can find it here. The version I'm playing is released by T3 Entertainment and it's called AuditionSEA which is entirely different from this American version of Audition. Is anyone interested in it/already playing it? I'm contemplating getting an account on it and trying to play it. ^_^ Should be fun to play with friends. So far, I've only been playing with my sister, cousin and occasionally my boyfriend. I need more company. :P

I don't mind if anyone wants to find me on AuditionSEA. My IGN is mirukii (double i).
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Back for a while! [Fri, May 11th, 07 @ 3:16pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

I have been gone a long time, haven't I?

But since CJ nudged me on LJ, lol, I shall talk a bit about my life here.

It's been a while. Let's see, I have gone overseas twice in 2 months for short vacations. Taipei and Shanghai. Both extremely Chinese-speaking countries. Taipei wowed me with the courtesy and orderliness. Shanghai irked me with its rudeness and rowdy environment. I loved the TV channels in Taipei - I watch their shows often by downloading them off the internet. But China's TV channels almost bored me to death lol.

I think I am graduating this coming June-July. Well, the final examinations was so difficult I wanted to jump out of the window. I don't know what they were thinking, setting such difficult papers. Let's hope I manage to pass and graduate, though my CAP may be compromised. It's really fast isn't it! I'm finally graduating and stepping into the working world. I'm not sure if I'll like this inevitable change in my life. Time for adaptation, I guess.

Right now it's 2 months break for me. Just when it's the perfect time to sit at my laptop and play all day long, it has to break down on me. Well, not exactly a crash, but the cooling system went bonkers. The service center said if they were to replace the cooling fan for me, they would have to replace the motherboard too since they are attached together. And that equates to about S$1000-2000. Crazy, isn't it? Right now, I'm using a cooling pad to attempt to solve the problem, and I'm pleased that the laptop is still functioning like normal. Hope it lasts that way.

So adios for now. See ya when I next update this space. Remember to pop over to misrepresented.blogspot.com instead if you wanna know how I've been doing alright? That's my regular blogging space. ^^

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Sore spot [Wed, December 27th, 06 @ 9:23am]
[ mood | blah ]

My mom was saying how she had a great sales figure today. In fact, she has been selling many pots for a couple of days now. I shouldn't have asked how much money those numbers of pots translate into, but I did. Turns out that she has been earning about $200 every day for a couple of days already.

If you have been reading my LJ recently, you probably would know how I was mad and disappointed at her for wanting to leech me of $200 when she saw my grandma and uncle give me money. And now, after hearing what she has been earning a day, I feel very bitter. In fact, I walked right off while she continued talking about the amount of money she has been earning. I don't want to know, because it just makes me despise my mom more.

My annoyance at her doesn't stop at here. Recently, I bought this set of VCD for an old Mediacorp drama and I meant to watch it. I was until 6th disc when she said she wanted to watch also. So I kindly let her watch from somewhere at the start. It got annoying when I had to go out and I couldn't watch the drama, but she continued to don't-know-what-disc now as if she bought the drama. Now our pace is totally different but of course she wouldn't even bother to let me watch from where I stopped off, even though I own that VCD. It's annoying. Now I have to watch it on my laptop because of her insensitivity.

And I am still very very sore about the $200. It's not the amount of money, let me stress. It is how she wants to leech from her own daughter when she is capable of earning it in a day. If I am still schooling, I would need 5 months to save it, if I even manage to save $10 a week. It's not as if my parents give me a lot of allowance. What the f**k. I hate her sometimes.

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I'm back! (For 3 days now, actually) [Tue, December 19th, 06 @ 5:19pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

- cross-posted because I'm lazy like that. :P -

Yeah, I'm finally back home!! I wanted to come back on the 3rd day or something. I never realised how tiring a tour can be until I went to Korea. Maybe next time I'll just opt for a free and easy tour. Cheaper. I don't need to give tips. I won't be forced to go to specialised shops. I won't find myself dumped in an open-air theme park on the coldest day in Korea's 2006 winter season for 5 hours. And I won't need to wake up at 5.30am every morning. I can go to places I want to go. And I won't need to suffer the same kind of food for 3 meals/8 days.

Yeah, as you have probably interpreted, I didn't enjoy myself. In fact, I thought to myself countless times what made me ditch nice ole Singapore for Korea. I could have taken 8 days to rest at home and thoroughly enjoy a short break before starting on FYP again. Instead, I went there on some slow suicide mission. >.<

Oh, I managed to bang my knee on the first day so I had a huge blooming bruise throughout the whoe trip. My nose's mucous membrance started bleeding on the 2nd day or something so every night I had to clear out blood clots from my nose. Eeuks. My face started peeling on the 2nd day as well so I slapped on tons of moisturising lotion on my face every morning and night but it just kept on peeling. My right hand's skin cracked randomly which hurt and left me speechless about how dry winter is and how damaging it is to the body. Amazingly, once I stepped back in Singapore's humid weather, my condition improved. Whoa and yay for humidity!!

I figure I'm too spoilt and princess-y to deal with harsh conditions. LOL.

Never.go.Korea.again. Not even for Lee Jun-ki. I didn't even see any of his ads!!!! GAH.

Anyway, here are some stuff that I noticed about Korea:

The people like to walk in their own little world so they bump into people rudely without saying sorry. But I just blended into their culture and threw away all my Singapore-trained courtesy to walk around like people didn't exist. And you know what? Those people I bumped/banged/pushed by didn't even notice my existence!! Interesting eh?

The roads there are huuuge and wide. But there are also many many cars on the road. All Korean-produced! Hyundai everywhere! Patriotic people. The opposite-facing lanes are mostly separated by two parallel yellow lines. And if you realise you are travelling in the wrong direction, you can just make an U-turn in the middle of the road. At most you get some warning horns but nothing biggie. It's amazing. The traffic is especially bad on Mondays and Fridays. There are sooo many roads but all of them are filled with cars on these two days. It's scary. Cars are very cheap in Korea, you see. They seldom buy imported cars.

The girls in Korea are really cute. They make a lot of funny sounds and they ramble off in Korean in a very endearing manner. When we bargain with them, their reactions are so hilarious. They don't behave snobbish or what at all.

And the teenagers are really crazy fun people. The guys run about the place in huge groups like they forgot to grow up or something. The girls tug each other's hair in odd directions and squeal and run about just the same (but girls are somehow entitled to do that in my opinion lol) and they behave pretty much like how the girls do in Korean drama Guung. I just stare at them and feel the difference.

The people in Korea seem very vibrant and alive. They rush about but they just don't give me the aloof feeling that Singaporeans give. And they are such fun people. They are also a very united bunch. They have public demonstrations about issues they don't agree with. They boycott Japan's stuff as a nation. They seem pretty politically active, or so that the tour guide has led me to believe. They cheer wildly in public for their sports team in international competitions. It's so cool.

Although they are supposed to be able to speak Korean, English (2nd language) and Mandarin (3rd language), many of the people that I came across can't. The dude at the hotel information counter didn't even understand "TV" until I said "television". It's really difficult to talk to them.

And the street signs have direct translation of Korean words, so I saw a lot of looong incomprehensible unpronounciable words everywhere. Imagine trying to drive around the place on your own, it's gonna be quite a nightmare. It could have been much better if they come up with easier to understand names in English, which is an international language no matter what.

Samsung is a real big corporation in Korea. It owns almost everything in Korea. It is BIG. It even has a theme park (a really huge and well-equipped at that) under its name. It has its foot in almost everything. I didn't quite trust Samsung's products, but after seeing the scope of its influence in Korea, I am really impressed.

Korean people are really super not particular about food. I ate the same thing everyday while I was there. From goofing down everything in the first few days to wanting to puke (literal meaning) at the sight of their food on the last day. And we didn't have a choice!! Imagine my horror when I saw on the return plane menu that we were going to eat more of the same thing. Luckily the pilot swiftly made an announcement about how very special that flight was and they made amendments to the menu so we would be having fried rice instead. Not that the taste was a huge improvement but at least there was a change.

So I took like 500+ photos. The quantity drastically reduced during the last few days because I got so tired eventually and I felt quite sick on the last day itself. I realise I don't have many photos of myself either. I just snapped away at the scenery and my mom and I refused to go in front of the camera because I was lazy to smile and pose haha. Maybe I will post up some significant ones when I finally sort them out. Right now I'm still in the I'm-so-bloody-tired-I-want-to-laze-on-the-sofa mode. Yeah...

I really regret my Korea trip sigh. I feel like I wasted 8 days of my life. I miss Singapore!!!!

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Buh bye [Fri, December 8th, 06 @ 5:20pm]
Yeeeep, I'm flying off in 24 hours time!

Off to Korea I go!

I'm really excited. And I have just received news that Korea is freezing cold right now and the biting wind threatens to slash any vulnerable one right off, so I've prepared like 5 layers of clothing. o.O I'm crazy.

But if I don't do it, my mom nags my ears off. I hate her nagging. :P

I'm not buying anyone anything!! LOL. It's dumb to buy anything since whatever they have there, we have it here in Singapore. >.> We are too... international over here.

Maybe some kimchi will do eh? ^^

Buh bye! See ya all in 1 week's time! Will be back by 17th Dec. I hope I don't make a complete disappearance though. I'll be seeking out internet cafes there yeah yeah.
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Random updates [Mon, December 4th, 06 @ 6:15pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

My Jun-ki Fanmeeting DVD arrived today. I watched it since it was only 90 minutes and I was having lunch, so why not. Kaka.

The medicine that I'm taking now is probably the culprit making me feel quite sick. But I have no choice, oh well.

I have a headache that has refused to go away despite taking panadol some hours ago. Sigh.

My mom is really... a very disappointing mother.

Do ants have a high reproductive rate because my room was cleared of them for a while before I introduced one single ant from my sis' room into my room unintentionally, and since then, I have been seeing random ants trying to sneak their way past my eyes on the table.

I had a pleasant chat with Baker last night. Seriously, I haven't really chatted with a friend for sometime. Have you ever felt like that before? You greet somebody online to chat and they either go offline soon after or they take ages to reply you. It's quite obvious the other party does not really try to strike a conversation. Is it me? I wonder if it is because I'm difficult to chat with. Or are people too busy to spare time for a heartfelt chat?

5 more days to Korea. I sincerely hope the food won't kill my stomach resulting in diarrhoea/malnourishment, and that the temperature won't be so freezing such that I fall sick and that the people will be quite fun or else I'm really going to be so bored.

Tomorrow (more like 15 hours later) is my last paper. I'm currently very confused by statistics. I hope I do fast enough because it seems to be a test of speed.

The end.

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